Reclamation Services

Put that new floor in and feel good knowing your old stuff won't just rot somewhere for 10,000 years!

Our membership in the Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance gives us access to the Ecollect™ program, which helps everyone involved with a flooring project achieve a more sustainable solution.

Resource 4 Floors’ goal is 100% landfill diversion.  Most of today’s products are engineered to be future raw material and for long life.  This creates unique opportunities for removed material to be recycled, used for energy, or restored and installed under our Certified PreOwned Program.  Products with remaining life are often perfect for tight budget situations.

Through manufacturing partnerships and access to Ecollect™, the Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance reclamation program, Resource 4 Floors will provide each flooring project with the most sustainable solution. 

Methods to reduce and eliminate waste are considered throughout each project.  Products from only the most environmentally responsible manufacturers are recommended.  Pattern, fiber, backing, and color choices focus around longer life.  Sophisticated electronic estimating eliminates mistakes.  Detailed line item proposals insure accuracy.  Comprehensive submittals confirm the right products are ordered.  Proper warehousing, storage, and delivery safeguard against damage and loss.  Project management and skilled installation crews ensure a first quality installation, and maintenance services extend the life of your investment.

At the end of the product's useful life, we provide carpet reclamation services.  We understand the various processes for reclaiming product based on its economic value and environmental impact.  We recommend the most effective and sustainable process for reclaiming your material and continue to seek other options for material that cannot currently be diverted.

To date Resource 4 Floors has diverted 2,320,915 lbs. of commercial flooring from local landfills -184,336 lbs. in 2016 alone.  

For more information on the Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance Ecollect™ program, please click the Ecollect™ logo below.

Reclamation Services

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